About NPI - "The Authority On Plastics Manufacturing and Distribution"

For over 40 years Nationwide Plastics, Inc. (NPI) has been a leading distributor of quality sheet, rod, tube and film plastics to a wide variety of markets. Today, consumers expect high quality plastics, plastic parts and fabrications made to specification, delivered on time, at a competitive cost. Every item, both small and large, is equally important to your performance and satisfaction whether as a re-seller or as an end user. The goal of Nationwide Plastics, Inc. (NPI) is to satisfy your needs by supplying defect free products and services on time, every time. Your success is our success!

Quality Standards All NPI materials are supplied by only the highest quality plastics manufacturers. We require and maintain quality reports and certifications on all material supplied by our vendors. Additional quality assurance is conducted upon receipt of product at all of our warehouse and plant locations. We insure that our products and fabrications are manufactured to exacting quality standards long accepted by the plastics industry worldwide. NPI is also a long standing member of the International Association of Plastics Distributors (IAPD) and maintains an excellent report throughout the industry.

Product Line NPI has massive inventories of all types of plastics at several convenient locations throughout the central and southeast states. Thanks to our long list of manufacturing partners we keep on hand an impressive array of quality plastics products. Each location is a stocking warehouse of sheet, rod, tube and film plastics offering same day "cut to size" service.

"The Authority" Providing assistance and education when it comes to your plastic needs is our specialty. Many years of experience along with vast resources throughout the plastics industry has earned NPI the reputation of "the authority on plastics manufacturing and distribution". In today‘s market there are many things to be considered when choosing an appropriate plastic or process for a specific project or plastic part. Our knowledgable staff can provide information and recommend alternatives to help insure that you make the right choices when purchasing plastics.

Custom Plastic Parts In addition to distribution NPI offers complete CNC plastics machining, thermoforming as well as many different types of plastics molding and processing. NPI is capable of producing made to order plastic parts of numerous types and descriptions . We welcome the opportunity to provide a quote for any and all of your plastic needs (use the Inquiry Form located at the end of this catalog).

Customer-Driven Success At NPI, we strive to earn your business and consistently demonstrate our customer driven philosophy of success. Our goal is to become your preferred plastics vendor and most trusted plastic authority. We work hard to accomplish this mission by providing quality products and continually searching for new and better ways to save you time and money. We realize that your success is our success and we look forward to helping build your bottom line.


Ron Hopton-Jones
President, CEO