ECTFE Sheet, Rod, Film & Tube

ECTFE Ethylene-Chlorotrifluoroethylene is a strong, highly impact-resistant, melt-processible coplymer that retains its useful properties over a broad range of temperatures ( cryogenic up to 149 degrees C/300 degrees F ). ECTFE exhibits excellent electrical properties, low moisture absorption and temperature insensitivity, making it a material of choice for plenumrated wire and cable jacketing. ECTFE is distinguished from other fluoropolymers by its exceptional surfuce smoothness. In addition to electrical components, ECTFEworks well for high-purity processing components for the chemical and semi-conductor industries. We have ECTFE available in sheet, rod, film, and tube for all applications.

Applications :

  • Solid Pipe and Fittings
  • Liners: Steel pipe and fittings,hoses, pumps and valves
  • Glass backed sheet for lining vessels
  • Mass transfer tower packing
  • Gaskets and spacers
  • Valve components
  • Tubing
  • Wire and cable insulation

ECTFE Machining

Nationwide Plastics is proud of our reputation as “the authority on plastics manufacturing and distribution,” and make sure that we understand both your application and your requirements so that we will provide you with high quality, tight tolerance products that meet your specifications. Offering a variety of ECTFE machining and fabrication services, we will work with you to select the most effective and efficient manufacturing process for your ECTFE machined part and manufacture the part to your exact specifications.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with over 20 pieces of equipment to provide custom plastic turning, milling, routing and sawing services. We specialize in manufacturing large parts and our equipment is designed to process parts up to 148’ or longer, with tolerances to +/- .001, depending on the material. Call Nationwide Plastics today for all of your ECTFE machining needs.

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