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Used for parts in processing equipment, crop covers and plastic mulches. Degradable; benefiting the environment. More


Used to enable advancements in speed, strength and functionality of aircrafts and defense equipment. More

Construction & Glazing

Cost-effective material. Long product life, low maintenance requirements and high strength to weight. More

Electrical Insulation

Popular material for wiring, cabling and electrical shielding products. Ideal for safe, high performance electrical components. More

Electronics & Circuits

Widely used in electronics and circuit boards for their conductive, shielding, insulating and heat resistant properties. More

Food Handling & Equipment

Perform well in harsh processing environments without affecting food taste or appearance. More

Glass Manufacturing

Equipment components and composites. Used for rods and balls, used during processing as well as for seals and gaskets. More

Highway & Railway Construction

HDPE & UHMW Shims, Pads, & Reveals for Highway … More

Heavy Equipment

Used for truck and trailer linings, bins, hoppers and dump trailers. More

Logging & Forestry

The logging and forestry industry requires equipment that must … More

Marine & Boating

Equipment that operates in marine environments must be able … More

Handling & Conveying

Bulk material handling applications require wear-resistant, low friction components … More

Medical Equipment

The use of plastics for medical equipment and devices … More

Industrial Metal Finishing

The use of plastics in all manufacturing applications has … More


Equipment used in the mining industry must operate in … More

Petrochemical & Oil

Equipment used in the petrochemical and oil drilling and … More

Power Generation

The use of plastics in the manufacture of components … More

Orthotics & Prosthetics

The use of plastics for prosthetics and orthotics has … More

Recreation & Outdoor

Lightweight, durable plastic composites are replacing steel, aluminum and … More


The semiconductor industry requires components manufactured from materials with … More

Display Signs & Graphics

Plastic displays, signs and graphics offer high-impact, colorful products. … More


Plastics are used in equipment throughout the manufacturing process … More


Advancements in engineered plastics and composites have led to … More

Vacuum – Forming

Thermoformed plastics are used to manufacture products as diverse … More

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