Display Signs & Graphics

Plastic displays, signs and graphics offer high-impact, colorful products. From clear acrylics that let the display beneath them shine through to bright traffic safety signs, plastic materials offer a wide array of materials, textures, patterns and colors for your application.

More lightweight and durable than metal or wooden signs, plastic signs can withstand outdoor conditions with minimal fading, cracking or degradation. Acrylic displays are durable, and can withstand the stress of heavy usage without damage or losing their clean, clear look. Plastics can be molded or machined to the exact specifications required for the display or sign, and can be manufactured in a wide array of custom colors.

Nationwide Plastics offers a complete line of plastics materials for use in your display, graphics or sign. Whether you are sourcing material roadside sign, a trade show booth or a storefront sign, our staff can provide the material you need.

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