Electronics & Circuits

Plastic components are widely used in electronics and circuit boards due to their unique combination of conductive, shielding, insulating and heat resistant properties.  They provide reliable, durable performance for equipment that must perform critical functions in many different applications. Whether a circuit board is used for a server managing process machinery, a controller monitoring pollutants in a waste stream or a server tracking power usage in a utility, the plastic components in the circuit board can be relied on continue performing under the harshest conditions.

Electronic components manufactured of plastics include:

  • Shielding films and laminates
  • Insulating jackets and protective sleeving for wires and circuits
  • Flexible connectors, wires, cables and wrap tubing. 

Plastics can be manufactured to custom shapes and sizes in micro and super-micro sizes for miniature circuits and plastic films can be manufactured to custom thicknesses without sacrificing performance.

Nationwide offers custom manufacturing services and can manufacture your plastic part or component in our fully equipped machine shop and fabrication facility.  We specialize in machining and fabricating plastic parts, and have the expertise to manufacture the specialty parts required for electronics and circuit boards. Whether you are sourcing laminates, miniature wire sleeves or wrap tubing, our staff can provide the material you need.  

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