Glass Manufacturing

The equipment and components used in glass manufacturing must be able to withstand high heat during processing, while experiencing low deformation from continued exposure to high temperatures.  In addition, they must exhibit extremely low thermal conductivity and high wear resistance.  Oil resistance is also necessary to reduce checking and imperfections in the glass products.  Many advanced plastic composites and ceramics are ideal materials to use for the manufacturing equipment and components as they have these properties. 

The plastics used for glass manufacturing equipment are able to handle the hot glass without marring the glass and without damage to the components and equipment itself.  The high wear and low deformation properties of the plastics reduce maintenance and downtime, ensuring that productivity and product quality remain high.   Ceramics are used for equipment components and composites are used for rods and balls used during processing, as well as for seals and gaskets. 

Nationwide Plastics offers a complete line of advanced plastic composites and ceramic materials used by the glass manufacturing industry.  We are proud of our reputation as “the authority on plastics manufacturing and distribution,” and make sure that we understand both your application and the materials available to provide you with the best material solution for that application.  Whether you are sourcing ceramics for parts or composites for seals or gaskets, our staff can provide the material you need.  

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