Medical Equipment

The use of plastics for medical equipment and devices has grown over the past 20 years due to advances in plastic composites.  Many of these new materials are biocompatible, and products manufactured using them can be used for products that are implanted in a patient, such as breathing and feeding tubes.  Other high-purity plastics are used in medical devices such as surgical instruments, dental instruments, sterilization trays, endoscopic probes, anesthetic, diagnostic and imaging equipment. 

Medical grade plastics exhibit the high wear, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance properties common to all plastics, making them ideal materials for critical medical equipment.  In addition, these plastics continue to perform well after frequent autoclaving cycles.  Plastics are used to manufacture many types of medical equipment, from MRI machines to handheld diagnostic wands.  In addition, they are used for supplies such as tubes, tubing, bags and film.

Nationwide Plastics has the experience and expertise to assist you in selecting the best material for your medical application from our inventory of FDA and USP Class VI grade plastics. Whether you are sourcing material for surgical instruments, aseptic tubing or protective film, our staff can provide the medical grade material you need.   

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