Highway & Railway Construction

HDPE & UHMW Shims, Pads, & Reveals for Highway & Railway Construction


highway & railway constructionFor over 40 years, we have offered custom fabricated HDPE and UHMW plastic shapes for use in the road and rail construction industries. Many of these items have now become standard in these industries such as isolation shims and pads, bridge drip plates and custom reveals for concrete forming. We have supplied these products on many major infrastructure projects nationwide. Our sales associates have developed an involved understanding of the requirements and industry standards associated with these products. We contract with independent laboratories to perform routine testing of our materials to ensure that our materials meet or exceed applicable project requirements.

  • Common Standards: ASTM D1248, ASTM D4976
  • Colors Available: Black, White, Natural, or Custom
  • Engineered for Outdoor Use / UV Protection Available
  • Fabricated Using CNC Equipment to Ensure Accuracy

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