Twinwall Polycarbonate

Nationwide Plastics is a leader in the distribution of multi-wall and corrugated twinwall polycarbonate rod and sheet materials. Innovation drives the company with new sheet products, new panel and system products and new solid sheet products consistantly being introduced into various market segments including:

  • Architectural - applications such as roofing, skylights, walkways, canopies, facades and other glazing panels.
  • Horticultural - applications for the garden center and greenhouse growers markets.
  • General Plastic’s applications for use as partitions, graphic and decorative displays.
  • All the multi-wall products save energy in two ways: 1) they let in natural light thus reducing electricity usage and 2) all products provide very high insulation properties which reduces energy usage and CO2 emissions. Our multi-wall products range from 4 mm thick to 60 mm thick, so a wide variety of products are available to meet your needs.

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