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Plastics Distribution

Nationwide Plastics, Inc. has massive inventories of all types of plastics at several convenient locations throughout the central and southeast states. Thanks to our long list of manufacturing partners we keep on hand an impressive array of quality plastics products. Each location is a stocking warehouse of sheet, rod, tube and film plastics offering same day "cut to size" service. All NPI plastic materials are supplied by only the highest quality plastics manufacturers. We require and maintain quality reports and certifications on all material supplied by our vendors. Additional quality assurance is conducted upon receipt of product at all of our warehouse and plant locations. We insure that our products and fabrications are manufactured to exacting quality standards long accepted by the plastics industry worldwide. NPI is also a long standing member of the International Association of Plastics Distributors (IAPD) and maintains an excellent report throughout the industry. In addition to distribution NPI offers complete CNC plastics machining, thermoforming as well as many different types of plastics molding and processing. NPI is capable of producing made to order plastic parts of numerous types and descriptions.

Acetal/Delrin Plastic Products

Low water absorption, superior creep resistance, high tensile strength and high melt point. More


An acrylic-polyvinyl chloride alloy manufatured by Kleerdex. More

Acrylic Plastic Products

One of the most economical and easily fabricated plastics for aesthetic applications. More


Derived from combining a Styrene/Acryloitrile linear copolymer and a Butadiene/Styrene linear copolymer. More

Fiberglass Plastic Products

A strong and lightweight thermoset plastic used in automotive, electrical, high temp and highly corrosive applications. More


Designed for applications requiring electrical and mechanical properties, as well as process-ability. More

Glass Epoxy Laminate - G10 Plastic Products

Offers superior physical properties and excellent electrical characteristics that are maintained in high-humidity conditions. More


A high impact, FDA compliant thermoplastic co-polyester that provides toughness, chemical resistance and fabricates well. More

Nylon MD Plastic Products

One of the most widely used of the mechanical plastics. Can be formulated to a wide variety of applications. More

Nylon (Polyamide) Plastic Products

High resistance to impact, brittleness and deterioration, high heat distortion temperature and vibration resistant. More

Polycarbonate Plastic Products

Offers all of the clarity and beauty of acrylic with an impact resistance that is unparalleled in glazing materials. More

Phenolic Plastic Products

Resistant to shock, heat, stress and corrosive chemicals. Able to be machined, drilled, punched, milled, cut and more. More

Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) Plastic Products

Sheet Rod Tube Film PBT Plastic PBT is an … More

Polyethylene (HDPE & LDPE) Plastic Products

It's chemical inertness coupled with the ease of fabrication and low cost make it ideal for a variety of applications. More

Polyethylenetheraphtalate (PET) Plastic Products

Sheet Rod Tube Film PET Plastic Polyethylenetheraphtalate also known … More

Polypropylene Plastic Products

High strength-to-weight ratio, excellent chemical resistance and high performance in corrosive environments. More

Polyurethane Plastic Products

Versatile engineering materials designed to provide properties not available in conventional rubbers, metals and plastics. More

PVC Plastic Products

The most economical solution when chemical resistance along with full range of physical properties is needed. More

Thermoformable Plastics

Plastics created by blending two or more types together to create a new material. More

UHMW Plastic Products

Low coefficient of friction and toughness make it an ideal replacement for stainless steel in transporting difficult materials. More

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