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Sheet Rod Tube Film

Polycarbonate (PC) Sheet, Rod, Film & Tube

Polycarbonate offers all of the clarity and beauty of acrylic with an impact resistance that is unparalleled in glazing materials. Polycarbonate is used in applications such as machine guards and security windows that require the optical clarity and the assurance of safety. Polycarbonate is relatively light weight and is fairly rigid. Polycarbonate is easily sawed, machined, heat formed, cold formed, cemented and painted. Polycarbonates are high molecular weight, amorphous engineering thermoplastics that have exceptionally high-impact strength over a wide temperature range.

Polycarbonate (PC) resins are produced in the U.S. principally by General Electric Co (Lexan) and by Bayer Corp (Makrolon). The Dow Chemical Co has recently become the third producer of polycarbonate resins (Calibre). The resins are available in general-purpose and specialty grades that provide specific properties or processing characteristics. These include flame-retardant formulations, grades that meet FDA regulations for parts used in food-contact and medical applications, and glass-reinforced grades for applications requiring maximum strength and stiffness. The natural resin is water-clear and transparent.

Polycarbonates are generally unaffected by greases and oils. However, they are attacked by most aromatic solvents, esters and keytones which cause crazing and cracking in stressed parts. Grades with improved chemical resistance are available and special coatings can be applied to provide additional chemical protection.  We have Polycarbonate available in sheet, rod, film, and tube for all applications.

Industry Tradenames: Cyrolon, Excelon PC, Hyzod, Hyzod Tl Lexan, Macrolux, Makrolon, Polycarb, Polygal, Polygal (Twin-Wall), Tuffak, Tuffak A, Tuffak CM-II, Tuffak XL, Zelux

We carry a large range of clear & color Polycarbonate.  Please call for color availability.

Polycarbonate Machining & Rotational Molding

Nationwide Plastics is proud of our reputation as “the authority on plastics manufacturing and distribution,” and make sure that we understand both your application and your requirements so that we will provide you with high quality, tight tolerance products that meet your specifications. Offering a variety of polycarbonate machining, fabrication and molding services, we will work with you to select the most effective and efficient manufacturing process for your polycarbonate machined part and manufacture the part to your exact specifications.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with over 20 pieces of equipment to provide custom plastic turning, milling, routing and sawing services. We specialize in manufacturing large parts and our equipment is designed to process parts up to 148’ or longer, with tolerances to +/- .001, depending on the material. Nationwide Plastics has the capacity to mold custom parts up to 800 pounds, 3/16" wall thickness and maximum swing of 64". Call Nationwide Plastics today for all of your polycarbonate machining and rotomolding needs.


  • 20% Glass Filled 
  • Abrasion Resistant 
  • Aircraft 
  • *Film 
  • Flame Retardant 
  • Bullet Resistant 
  • Twin Wall 
  • Textured 
  • UV Resistant
48" x 96"
96" x 144"
Rolls also available
1/36" to 8"
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Multi Wall Sheets

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