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Polyethylene has long been considered the work horse of thermoplastics. Its chemical inertness coupled with the ease of fabrication and low cost make it an ideal solution for a variety of applications ranging from harsh chemical environments to notebook covers. Polyethylene, the largest volume thermoplastic polymer used today, is available in a wide variety of grades and formulations that have an equally wide range of properties. Some polyethylenes are flexible, others are rigid; some have poor impact strength, others are virtually unbreakable; some have good clarity; others are opaque. Service temperatures can range from -40 to +200°F. In general, however, polyethylenes are characterized by toughness, excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties, low coefficient of friction, near-zero moisture absorption, light weight (approximately one-eighth that of steel) and ease of processing. We have Polyethylene plastic products available including, HDPE & LDPE sheet, rod, film, and tube, and they are available for all applications.

Polyethylenes are classified into three main categories, according to density: Low, Medium and High. A fourth type, ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE), is beyond the high-density range. In some cases, properties of this high-performance plastic are similar to other polyethyenes, but in others cases can be dramatically different. Also available is crosslinked polyethylene, a special grade which, by chemical or irradiation treatment, becomes essentially a thermoset material with outstanding heat resistance and strength.

Polyethylene is classified into several different categories based mostly on its density and branching. The mechanical properties of PE depend significantly on variables such as the
extent and type of branching, the crystal structure, and the molecular weight. UHMWPE(ultra high molecular weight PE) HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene) HDPE (high density PE) HDXLPE (high density cross-linked PE) PEX (cross-linked PE) MDPE (medium density PE) LDPE (low density PE) LLDPE (linear low density PE) VLDPE (very low density PE).


LDPE, often misspelled as LPDE, is noted for its low temperature flexibility, toughness and corrosion resistance. It is not suited for applications where stiffness, high temperature resistance and structural strength are required. The ease of fabrication and a low cost factor make this material the choice for many applications. LDPE is available in sheet, rod, film or tube. Nationwide's selection of LDPE sheets, rods and tubes are unmatched.


HDPE is well suited for applications where a greater tensile and compression strength is needed. HDPE possesses excellent impact strength and stress crack resistance in addition to chemical and corrosion resistance. It meets FDA requirements for direct food contact and can be sterilized easily in boiling water. HDPE film is frequently used in packing applications for products such as frozen food, electronics and more. Nationwide Plastics carries HDPE sheets, rods, film and tubes for all of your applications.

Industry Tradenames: A/A Drainage Liner, A/A Liner, ARP Cutting Board, CPG Seaboard, Contain, Cream P, Duravar, Etheylene, Ethylux, Excelon, HDPE, HMW-PE, IT, King Color Core, King Cutting Board, King Cutting Board XL, King Pipegrade, King Starboard, King Starboard AS, King Starboard XL, King Starlite XI, LDPE, Lennite, Lineai, MDPE, PEPolyflo, Pipe Grade, Polystone Polystone M, Polystone G, Ramex, RAU/LDPE, RAU/LLPE, Resinol Type A, Resinol Type F, Sym-Plate, Sanalite, Sanatec, Tivar, Tivar 88, Tivar 88-2, Tivar 88 Antistatic, Tivar 88-2 Antistatic, Tivar 1000, Tivar 1000 Antistatic, Tivar 1000 UV Resistant Twar Dryslide, Tivar Extended Wear, Tivar HOT, Tivar Oilfield, Tivar Polysteel, Tivar Urethane, UHMW-PE, Xylethon

HDPE & LDPE Polyethylene Machining & Rotational Molding

Nationwide Plastics is proud of our reputation as β€œthe authority on plastics manufacturing and distribution,” and make sure that we understand both your application and your requirements so that we will provide you with high quality, tight tolerance products that meet your specifications. Offering a variety of HDPE & LDPE machining, fabrication and molding services, we will work with you to select the most effective and efficient manufacturing process for your polyethylene machined part and manufacture the part to your exact specifications.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with over 20 pieces of equipment to provide custom plastic turning, milling, routing and sawing services. We specialize in manufacturing large parts and our equipment is designed to process parts up to 148’ or longer, with tolerances to +/- .001, depending on the material. Nationwide Plastics has the capacity to mold custom parts up to 800 pounds, 3/16" wall thickness and maximum swing of 64". Call Nationwide Plastics today for all of your polyethylene rotational molding and machining needs.


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  • Flame Retardant
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