Thermoformable Plastics

Sheet Rod Tube Film

Thermoformable Sheet, Rod, Film & Tube

As more and more types of plastics became available some are made up by actually blending two or more types together to create a new material. Many of these "blends" help to make up a group of plastics commonly referred to as thermoformables. This label refers more so to the process that is used to reach their final shape as a finished part. Many plastics can be shaped by means of thermoforming although there are a select few plastics known first as thermoformables. We maintain large inventories of thermoformable plastics including Kydex, ABS, Polystrene, and PETG. We have thermoformable plastics available in sheet, rod, film, and tube for all applications.


An acrylic-polyvinyl chloride alloy manufatured by Kleerdex. More


Derived from combining a Styrene/Acryloitrile linear copolymer and a Butadiene/Styrene linear copolymer. More


Designed for applications requiring electrical and mechanical properties, as well as process-ability. More


A high impact, FDA compliant thermoplastic co-polyester that provides toughness, chemical resistance and fabricates well. More